The MUSI-UM is a work-in-progress experimental platform that originates in the 'latency' of images and looks for its possible combinations not only by the likeness of signs, but above all by endogenous similarity. A space in which I share a virtual collection idea and the desire to find connections between a non-anecdotal, non-didactic photography and the others languages of communication and art.
The MUSI-UM is currently divided into three sections. The first one, collection, is organized in different sets, that will be increased and where I select just one work for each author. The purpose of this section is to pay a particular attention to lesser-known works in order to allow the user to interact with his imaginary and, at the same time, to make him feel free to find possible connections between those works. The second one, parallel space, curated by Vittorio Iervese (Università di Modena and Reggio Emilia / Festival dei Popoli), looks for different dialogues, antagonists, signs migration paths, trans-media overlaps, compositions and decomposition actions. The third one (under construction), library, consists of a selection of art books.
In the future this experiment will be opened to other collaborations where we can conceive new ideas and reflections, not so much on the status of the image as on its ability to be linked to create a non-verbal speech where, in addition to the value of the work, there is the relationship between works and between works and space.
The MUSI-UM is a completely non-profit activity.

Pino Musi


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